Four time National Contemporary Art award winner and six time finalist in Gallery Ring art competitions.

Like many, upon retirement I found myself struggling with the void between my past successes and future endeavors. I have always had an interest in the creative art of others but no time to discover my own talent. Knowing my state of mind, on Christmas eve two years ago, my stepdaughter presented me with an acrylic paint set and made me promise to do one painting over the holidays. I completed the task to her delight and to that of many friends. This was followed by several requests for paintings and many sales over the past two years as well as several awards in national and international competitions. I have found my new passion in life recreating experiences , desires, and fantasies on canvas. You are invited to join me on this journey and share these with me.

Mission Statement: 
Art is not about the image alone but also the emotional response that one experiences when viewing the composition. It is my intent to create an holistic experience by creating a work of art that tells a story based on common experiences that will take the observer on a voyage of favored memories, experiences or desires. My mission is to convey stories through painting like an author creates books through words. To create art that draws the observer into a different place and time discovering new details each time they gaze upon the painting. Life is to be experienced not just observed.

If inspired feel free to contact me whether it be for purchase, prints, or with questions or suggestions. Thank you and enjoy the journey.

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