Peace and Harmony

20" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas PEACE AND HARMONY May your home be blessed with peace and harmony from glorious sunrise to sunset and may the shadows of the evening bring rest and tranquility May all those who enter experience joy and happiness in the presence of love and acceptance and bask in the blessings of fellowship May your day be filled with the beauty of nature, the sweet fragrance of flowers and your senses be awakened by the sounds of water against shore and breezes against your skin May your life be blessed by health and prosperity and may your dreams be large while your demands be few May your life have purpose and your endeavors have meaning so that your paths leave footprints for others to follow May your final journey find you at peace with yourself and those whom you love until you awaken to the next sunrise and sunset on the distant shores of paradise Duane W. Cross

Olga's Orchids

36" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas It takes nurture and love to bring out the beauty in others. Orchids are a prime example. The orchid is both a symbol of deceit, lies, and treachery due to being the only flower who use their beauty to attract bees for pollen but instead take the pollen from the bees and give them nothing in return as well as love fertility and elegance due to their exotic appearance. They are often referred to as the" Pandas of the world".

Boater's Paradise

20"x16" Acrylic on Canvas The Miami area is considered the boat capital of the world.with over 40,000 yachts and many other boats of all sizes and shapes. There are miles of inter-coastal waterways, canals, rivers, bays, and oceans to explore with year round sunshine. Nothing compares.

Nature's Garden

An artist can find inspiration from many sources. This was inspired when I viewed the fruits and vegetables drying after my wife washed them to prevent Covid19. I was intrigued by the colors and shapes of the collection. There is beauty all around if you look for it.

Coastal Flamingos

20"X16" Acrylic on Canvas: Although many associate the Flamingo with the state of Florida, they actually exist on several continents. Their colors vary primarily due to their diets. Another indication that " you are what you eat". Also while many believe that they can not fly, they actually can fly for hundreds of miles at a time. One unique feature is that they often turn they heads upside down to eat using they upper beak as a scope.

Gilded Beauties

16" X 20" Acylic on Canvas....The bearded lily has a long and storied history, being the fleur-de-lis symbol that for centuries has represented French royalty. Collectors can find a wide selection of colors as new colors are added annually as part of an ongoing breeding process.